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My professional background 

a generation of golfers

In 2001, my dad became a scratch golfer under the mentorship of legendary Peter Beames. He was the man that started the family in golf. By the time my brother and I were around 10 to 13 years old, we were scratch just like Dad. Our family gives much thanks to Peter Beames and his amazing concept called "Walk Thru Golf" which is foundational to my swing. 

Golf Shot of the Month

Learn how to hit a punch shot out from under the trees to get back into play!

Step 1

Put the ball back in the stance

Step 2

Control the follow through 

Advanced Tip

Use an inside-to-out path or outside-to-in path to curve the ball around the trees depending on whether you need it to go from right to left

or from left to right

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Golf Tip of the Month

Month of Mobility 

Are you struggling to rotate?

Shown is a drill to improve rotation through the golf swing and to build the muscles for extra power 

What you need

Grab a yoga ball and a 8-10lb medicine ball

Proper form

Lay on your back in table top position with your legs bent at a 45 degree angle. Stick arms out above chest

The motion

Slowly rotate the medicine ball to the right with control till the arms are parallel with the floor. Slowly bring the ball back to center without losing control and repeat on the other side

The reps

Try for 10-20 rotations on each side

Extra tip

Follow the ball with your head 

Get Better at The Game

4 Different  Mentorship Programs Available!

  • Build a swing from scratch based on natural movement

  •  improve short game

  • learn how manage the game on the course

  • College scholarship mentorship/Competitive Golf mentorship

For more inquiry or to sign up for a lesson please email

Whether you need help making pars or some knowledge on how to obtain a golf scholarship, I am here to help you and your game!

All programs and individual lessons can be done in-person or even remote/online!
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